ReThink Energy Florida's Staff

 Executive Director: Kim Ross

Kim Ross is the former president and founder of ReThink Energy Florida, a non-profit dedicated to engaging,  educating, and empowering citizens to take action and achieve energy independence in a healthier, more sustainable environment. As an owner/member of EarthSTEPS, an environmental consulting firm, she also works as the Operations Consultant and Project Manager on energy efficiency and Demand-Side Management projects. Kim is a steering committee member of Floridians Against Fracking, one of the leaders in the recent success derailing Big Oil's move to bring fracking to Florida.



Field Operations Director: Brian Lee

 Brian Lee is a co-founder of ReThink Energy Florida, and currently serves as the Field Operations Director. Brian received his BA Degree in Political Science from FSU in 2008, and has frequently worked in the field of campaign politics at the national and local levels. He is also currently the principal at Tallahassee Progressive Grassroots Consulting. He was elected to the Leon Soil and Water Conservation  District in 2014, and serves as Chair on that Board. During the past three legislative sessions, Brian served as Legislative Director at Floridians Against Fracking.



Campaign Director: V Miller

  V first got involved in environmental organizing during the Tar Sands actions outside the White House in the
  fall of 2011. After graduating and returning home to Tallahassee Florida, V volunteered with a number of
  organizations, including the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network, mentoring and coaching student leaders
  in the Southeast. V's passions are for engaging and empowering Florida's residents to be citizen leaders in
  their struggle for energy independence.



Communications Director: Jenn Zipperer

  Jenn is studying Political Science in the TCC-to-FSU program. Her passion for environmental justice has
  inspired her to find new ways to communicate the urgency of environmental action to the public and all
  levels of government. Jenn’s interests in communications and government have motivated her to pursue
  those fields in her education and community involvement. She serves the statewide community as the
  Communications Director of ReThink Energy Florida and as the Communications Manager for ReThink Energy
  Florida's Sea Level Rise Project. Jenn also volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby as a Congressional Liaison.



Meet ReThink Energy Florida's Associate Directors, Interns, and Chapter Leaders!

Our interns share in our desire to educate, engage, and empower citizens to take action toward achieving energy independence and a sustainable environment.

Executive Assistant: Nicole Legere

  Nicole is a Senior at Florida State University studying Economics and Environmental Studies. She hopes to
  pursue a career in Environmental Economics and Sustainability Practices after graduation. Growing up in
  beautiful West Palm Beach inspired Nicole to choose a career path protecting our natural resources so they
  can continue to inspire future generations. Through her internship at ReThink Energy, Nicole hopes to
  encourage the Tallahassee community to adopt sustainable practices to foster a healthier future for Florida. In
  her free time, Nicole is usually outside enjoying nature, volunteering in animal care, or getting coffee with

Nonprofit Management Coordinator: Dara Wilson

  Dara is a conservation communications specialist and a proponent of informal science education and the
  institutions that support it. Although Dara’s academic calling was in international development, Dara’s
  extracurricular interests (natural resource management and education outreach) developed into global
  opportunities to contribute to noteworthy causes with proven histories of commitment to scientific research,
  engaging the community, and environmental sustainability. This exceptional combination of labor has been
  invaluable to her understanding of cross-sector partnerships, how to practice multicultural inclusion in
  a professional context, strategic planning, and community engagement. A native of Silver Spring, MD, she
  attended American University where she graduated with a B.A. in International Relations, and a minor degree                                in Communications Studies.

Volunteer Coordinator: Abby Sanders

  Abby is in her second year of graduate school at Florida State University pursuing degrees in
  Public Administration and Urban Planning. She is interested in Community and Neighborhood Development as
  well as Nonprofit Management. She grew up in St. Augustine, Florida and has seen first-hand how hurricanes
  and sea-level rise can impact communities. She enjoys organizing people and events in order to make a
  difference in communities.


Senior Program Coordinator: Adriana Silva

  Adriana is a student at Florida State University from Miami, Florida seeking a B.S in Environment & Society.
  She   is passionate about transforming the public and corporate perception of environmental sustainability.
  Through ReThink Energy Florida, Adriana will not only assist with bringing awareness on environmental issues
  to the Tallahassee and Florida communities, but she also hopes to further develop the skills necessary to one
  day address environmental issues at the national level.


Outreach Coordinator: Kanhiya James-Stephenson

  Kanhiya is am a 23-year-old Junior at Florida State University studying Environmental Science and Italian. She
  is a vegetarian and enjoys exercising, volunteering and keeping our beautiful Mother Earth clean. Her favorite
  hobbies include traveling, shopping and spending time with her two older sisters.



Political Advocacy Coordinator: Sean Malone

  Sean is a junior at Florida State University pursuing a double major in Biology and Psychology. Being from
  Satellite Beach, Florida and having attended Cocoa Beach High School, he developed a close connection to the
  ocean and to nature. In college, he became politically active and understood the power people hold in creating
  change, so he combined that with his love of nature to become the Political Advocacy Coordinator at ReThink
  Energy Florida. When he's not working or attending school, Sean enjoys playing music, sports, and spending
  time with friends.

Political Advocacy Coordinator: Valentina Eman

  Valentina is currently a senior at Florida State University, pursuing a double major in International Affairs and
  Political Science. Valentina was born on Aruba, an island in the Caribbean, and has seen first hand how
  successful the renewable energy movement can be in making local changes. By being involved with
  ReThinkEnergy Florida, she hopes to do her part and help Florida go forward as a political advocacy



Political Advocacy Coordinator: Lauren Corey

  Lauren is a senior at Florida State University studying Political Science and Environment & Society. She became
  involved in environmental politics when she was the Political Chair of FSU's Environmental Service Program.
  Later, she became the Co-President of Environmental Service Program. She has also been an intern at Citizens
  Climate Lobby and Sustainable Tallahassee. Lauren is now a Political Advocacy Coordinator at ReThink Energy
  Florida. She is an aspiring environmental lawyer who values conservation, climate action, and environmental


Education Associate Director: Christina Mbuya

  Christina Mbuya is a Tallahassee native who is in her second year at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical
  University, working on her Masters in Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine and Estuarine
  Ecosystems. She received her B.S. at the University of South Florida in Environmental Science & Policy.
  Christina relishes in community involvement and is a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters and Young
  Carver STEM Academy. She believes that citizen outreach and engagement are vital components to
  environmental sustainability.


Senior Development Coordinator: Rachel Robinson

  Rachel is a Senior at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Business Management and Marketing. She
  hopes to pursue a career in business sustainability upon graduation. She is from Orlando, Florida and grew up
  with a love for nature, water and all things outdoors. Combining her passion for business and the
  environment, Rachel works as the Senior Development Coordinator for ReThink Energy Florida. She hopes
  that her work will help ReThink reach a wider audience and accomplish more.



Development Coordinator: Camila Doherty 

  Camila Doherty is a Senior at Florida State University studying Environmental Studies. She has moved from
  country to country every 3 years since she was a baby. Some of those countries include Ecuador, the
  Philippines, and Chile. Growing up in these different environments, Camila began noticing several
  environmental issues. She became passionate about environmental studies when she visited smokey mountain
  in the Philippines. Camila joined Rethink Energy Florida because she wants to help with Florida's transition to
  100% renewable energy. 


Communications/Development Coordinator: Jack Norris

  Jack is currently a Senior at Florida State University completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Editing, Writing &
  Media with a minor in Communications. Growing up in the once-small beach town known as Surfside, FL, Jack
  has always been around water. His concern for the environment has been shaped greatly by the many
  interactions he has shared with the ocean and marine creatures throughout his life. He intends to use his skills
  as a writer to help spread ReThink's message and do whatever he can to help the ocean, and in a larger sense,
  the environment as a whole.


Communications Coordinator: Alex Pividal

  Alexandra Pividal is a senior at Florida State University from Tampa Florida, seeking a degree in media
  communication studies and business. Growing up in Tampa Bay, her love for the ocean and beaches started at a
  young age, eventually sparking her passion for the environment as a whole. With this passion, she hopes to
  one-day start her own non-profit and bring awareness and change to the environmental issues this world faces    today.


Communications Associate Director: Nicole Salzberg

  Nicole holds a Master’s in Global Sustainability from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor’s in
  Interdisciplinary Social Sciences from Florida State University. She is also a LEED Certified Green Associate
  with USGBC. A resident of Stuart, FL she has gained experience in the field of sustainability by volunteering
  and working for non-profits with missions of advancing sustainable solutions to modern day problems. In her
  spare time she enjoys spending time with her three girls and getting as many beach and park days in as


Webmaster: Chris Stephens

  Chris, the youngest member of the team, is a senior at Chiles High School. He plans to attend FSU in the fall
  of 2019 to earn degrees in Environmental Science and Sustainable Energy. Chris got involved at ReThink
  Energy Florida because he believes in making a 100% transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.
  After graduating from FSU, he plans to move to California, to further his career in renewable energy.



South Florida Chapter Leader (Miami): Susie Garcia

  Susie Garcia originally from Miami, FL, graduated from Florida State University in 2007 with a Bachelor's
  degree in Anthropology and Spanish. Between 2008 and 2015, she worked her way up the ranks at the
  Florida Department of Environmental Protection, ultimately becoming Executive Staff Director for Regulatory
  Programs. It was during this time that her passion for environmental policy and advocacy grew. Currently,
  she is the Marketing Coordinator for Florida A&M University's School of the Environment, primarily planning
  the 2017 International Summit on EnergyWaterFoodNexus. Susie joined ReThink Energy Florida in order to
  help spread awareness about renewable energy and environmental policies affecting those at the local, state,


Meet Our Tidal Town Hall Organizers!

Tampa Bay Organizer: Alexis Howard

  Alexis Howard is a recent FSU graduate obtaining their Bachelors degree in Environmental Science and Policy.
  Formally a Political Advocacy Coordinator for Rethink, they now work as the Tampa Bay Area Field Organizer.
  They are passionate about environmentalism, conservation, and sustainability and plans to continue to
  advocate for environmental justice throughout their career.



Northeast Florida Organizer: Chloe Osborne

  Chloe currently serves as the Northeast Florida organizer for the Sea Level Rise Candidate Forum campaign.
  She has also been working as Legislative Lobbying Coordinator for the ReThink Energy Action Fund since
  January. She holds her Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in Environmental Science and Policy
  and will be pursuing her Masters of Law in Environmental Land Use beginning in the Fall of 2018. Chloe’s
  passion as a rescue scuba diver has solidified her love for the environment and continue to shape her career
  path today. Her environmental work centers around political advocacy and legislation.


Southeast Florida Organizer: Laura Aguirre

  Laura is the Tidal Town Halls’ Southeast Florida Organizer, organizing forums in Palm Beach, Broward, and
  her native Miami-Dade. She is an educator with 10+ years designing curricula, materials, and programs for
  diverse audiences. In 2016, she attended a Miami Climate Alliance meeting that energized her to get
  involved and get connected. Two years later, she has earned her M.A. with a concentration in Environmental
  Humanities, is on the executive board of 350 South Florida, and is a member of the Miami Climate Alliance.
  She is happiest outdoors and never leaves the house without a book.


West Florida Organizer: Ally Duffy

  Ally received her B.S. in Marine Science from Coastal Carolina University in 2011 and is currently finishing
  her master’s degree in Biology at the University of West Florida in Pensacola. She worked at the Gulf Ecology
  Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency for 6 years as a Student Services Contractor, assisting
  with projects ranging from satellite remote sensing, to micro-plastic ingestion in corals. Her research
  experience has led to a passion for advocacy, and she hopes to use her background to help bridge the gap
  between science and politics.



Meet The Action Fund Interns!

Electoral Advocacy Coordinator (Action Fund): Elizabeth Butscher

  Elizabeth is a senior at the Florida State University majoring in History. She is originally from South
  Florida and that landscape shaped her love for nature and the environment. Hoping to pursue law
  and politics in the future, she knows that working with the ReThink Energy Action Fund is a great
  learning experience and a truly meaningful position.