ReThink Energy Florida's Staff

 Executive Director: Kim Ross

Kim Ross is the former president and founder of ReThink Energy Florida, a non-profit dedicated to engaging,  educating, and empowering citizens to take action and achieve energy independence in a healthier, more sustainable environment. As an owner/member of EarthSTEPS, an environmental consulting firm, she also works as the Operations Consultant and Project Manager on energy efficiency and Demand-Side Management projects. Kim is a steering committee member of Floridians Against Fracking, one of the leaders in the recent success derailing Big Oil's move to bring fracking to Florida.


Director of Development: Brian Lee

 Brian Lee is a co-founder of ReThink Energy Florida, and currently serves as the Field Operations Director. Brian received his BA Degree in Political Science from FSU in 2008, and has frequently worked in the field of campaign politics at the national and local levels. He is also currently the principal at Tallahassee Progressive Grassroots Consulting. He was elected to the Leon Soil and Water Conservation  District in 2014, and serves as Chair on that Board. During the past three legislative sessions, Brian served as Legislative Director at Floridians Against Fracking.


Director of Campaigns/Policy: V Miller

  V first got involved in environmental organizing during the Tar Sands actions outside the White House in the
  fall of 2011. After graduating and returning home to Tallahassee Florida, V volunteered with a number of
  organizations, including the Fossil Fuel Divestment Student Network, mentoring and coaching student leaders
  in the Southeast. V's passions are for engaging and empowering Florida's residents to be citizen leaders in
  their struggle for energy independence.


Director of Communications: Jenn Zipperer

  Jenn is studying Political Science in the TCC-to-FSU program. Her passion for environmental justice has
  inspired her to find new ways to communicate the urgency of environmental action to the public and all
  levels of government. Jenn’s interests in communications and government have motivated her to pursue
  those fields in her education and community involvement. She serves the statewide community as the
  Communications Director of ReThink Energy Florida and as the Communications Manager for ReThink Energy
  Florida's Sea Level Rise Project. Jenn also volunteers with Citizens’ Climate Lobby as a Congressional Liaison.


Director of Education: Christina Mbuya

  Christina Mbuya is a Tallahassee native who is in her second year at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical
  University, working on her Masters in Environmental Science with a concentration in Marine and Estuarine
  Ecosystems. She received her B.S. at the University of South Florida in Environmental Science & Policy.
  Christina relishes in community involvement and is a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters and Young
  Carver STEM Academy. She believes that citizen outreach and engagement are vital components to
  environmental sustainability.


Meet ReThink Energy Florida's Associate Directors and Interns!

Our Associate Directors and Interns share in our desire to educate, engage, and empower citizens to take action toward achieving energy independence and a sustainable environment.

Associate Directors

Associate Director of Education: Nikki Knutson

  Nikki is in her third year pursuing a bachelor's degree in Environmental Science at Florida State University. She is        also the founder and secretary of Bee Friendly at Florida State University, which serves to protect bee populations in
  Tallahassee. Being from Melbourne, Florida, an area which has been negatively impacted by unsustainable farming
  practices, she became exposed to a number of environmental issues from a young age. Now, through ReThink Energy
  Florida, she is able to teach children about how they can become environmental allies. After she graduates with her
  bachelor's degree, Nikki hopes to receive a master's in Urban and Regional Planning to help implement more
  sustainable practices in cities.

Associate Director of Campaigns: Lauren Corey

  Lauren received her B.S. from Florida State University in Political Science and Environment & Society. She is an
  aspiring environmental lawyer who values conservation, climate action, and environmental justice. She found
  her passion in environmental politics when she became the Political Chair of FSU's Environmental Service
  Program, and later the Co-President. As a Tallahassee local, she wants to see the City become a leader in
  sustainability. This led her to work on the Tally35 Campaign, which advocates for Tallahassee to become 100%
  on renewable energy by 2035 or as soon as possible. Lauren is now the Associate Director of Campaigns at
  ReThink Energy Florida and is its Tally35 Coalition Coordinator.

Associate Director of Development: Rachel Robinson

  Rachel is a Senior at Florida State University, pursuing a degree in Business Management and Marketing. She
  hopes to pursue a career in business sustainability upon graduation. She is from Orlando, Florida and grew up
  with a love for nature, water and all things outdoors. Combining her passion for business and the
  environment, Rachel works as the Senior Development Coordinator for ReThink Energy Florida. She hopes
  that her work will help ReThink reach a wider audience and accomplish more.



Executive Assistant: Kayla Green

Kayla is a senior at FSU and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in International Affairs. After graduating, she plans to attend law school and study International Law. Through work in politics, as well as through coursework, she has seen the rising impact of Environmental Politics on the world. Being a Florida native, and seeing the impacts of climate change firsthand, she is passionate about combining her passions of International and Environmental politics in her future career. Kayla hopes to gain the experience to address environmental impacts at the local, as well as international level.



Volunteer Coordinator: Willow Michie


Willow is a student at Florida State University studying Environment and Society. After undergrad, she plans to attend graduate school to pursue her passion in sustainability. She is most passionate about the importance of converting to renewable energy sources and steering away from fossil fuels. Her dream job would be to work with endangered animals or educating children and adults on sustainability and clean energy.


Research and Policy Coordinator: Logan Gillespie

Logan is a student a Florida State University , from Saint Augustine, Florida. She is seeking a degree in International Affairs and Computer Science. As a native Floridian Logan has been able to see first hand the importance of conserving and protecting our environment.She enjoys telling others about environmental issues and ways they can get involved in helping to make the environment a more sustainable place. 




Political Advocacy Coordinator: Sean Malone


Sean is a junior at Florida State University pursuing a double major in Biology and Psychology. Being from Satellite Beach, Florida and having attended Cocoa Beach High School, he developed a close connection to the ocean and to nature. In college, he became politically active and understood the power people hold in creating change, so he combined that with his love of nature to become the Political Advocacy Coordinator at ReThink Energy Florida. When he's not working or attending school, Sean enjoys playing music, sports, and spending time with friends.


Political Advocacy Coordinator: Kenzie Mullins


Kenzie will be a sophomore at Florida State University in the summer. She plans to study Environmental Science and Policy with a minor in Political Science. A Tallahassee native, Kenzie has seen the importance in caring for the environment through the ever-growing threat of destructive hurricanes and the degradation of Panhandle lands. She intends to use her passion for the environment to incite a passion in others, and hopes to one day work for a government agency and keep the momentum of the environmental movement alive. 




Political Advocacy Coordinator: Tyler Osha


Tyler is a rising junior at Florida State University majoring in Environmental Science and Policy. His passion for the environment evolved from living near the mountains of Utah and on the coast of Florida. In these areas, he saw first hand the environmental challenges of air pollution, climate change and wildlife conservation. Tyler is dedicated to serving as a good steward of the environment and is excited about his work as a Political Advocacy Coordinator at Rethink Energy Florida. Through policy development and promotion, Tyler hopes to alter political views on energy. He aspires to become an environmental lawyer to help protect public lands and promote wildlife conservation.


Social Media Coordinator: Hannah Pai



Hannah Pai is currently a Senior at Florida State University getting a two Bachelor degrees in both Literature and Humanities. Moving to Tallahassee from Arizona, Hannah has found a new passion for the ocean and hopes her skills in social media will work to save Florida's beautiful wildlife through ReThink.



Social Media Coordinator: Shalise Franklin

Shalise FranklinShalise is a junior at Florida State University pursuing a B.S. in Information, Communication, and Technology. She hopes to pursue a career as a social media manager. As a native of West Palm Beach, FL, and the daughter of a 28-year employee of NextEra Energy, she has learned the importance of renewable energy and practicing sustainability. Through her internship at ReThink Energy Florida, Shalise hopes to find an effective way to educate the community about the importance of preserving the environment using social media platforms to reach audiences of all different ages, genders, and ethnicities. In her free time, Shalise enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends, and drinking boba tea.

Communications Coordinator - Digital Media: Thomas Brown 

Thomas Brown is currently a senior at Florida State University working towards a double major in English and Communications. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, Thomas has always had a connection to the ocean and wants to protect Florida's natural resources and beauty. Thomas wants to use his skills in digital media production and creative writing to raise awareness about environmental issues and help ReThink spread its message about responsible energy consumption. 

Development Coordinator: Josh Schwartz

Josh is a senior at Florida State University majoring in Environmental Science. Since he started his studies at FSU, Josh had his eye on sustainable energy and hopes to someday bring his knowledge of renewability to less-developed countries, where energy is at a much lower supply. Throughout his world-travels, Josh has gained an understanding of the need for renewability in a world that is growing exponentially. As the Development Coordinator of Grants, he is ready to put his writing and critical thinking skills to the test. Open to all challenges, Josh looks forward to working with Rethink Energy Florida and becoming a versatile member of the team.

Meet The Action Fund Interns!

Electoral Advocacy Coordinator (Action Fund): Sabrina Hu


Sabrina is an IB student at Rickards High School. She saw the need for action after learning and experiencing the effects of fossil fuels on the environment. She became interested in renewable energy and storage technology through her internship with Rethink Energy. Under the mentorship of the YEL program, she is working on a nonprofit project to educate kids about hydrogen fuel cells and alternative energy through the use of miniature hydrogen fuel cell powered cars.