September 2018

The Brevard Chapter Executive Board Interest Meeting will take place on September 5th and 6th, and the Rise for Climate Change, Jobs, and Justice will take place on September 8. A recap of the Tidal Town Halls is also inside. We are still in need of interns and volunteers! Details inside! Our causes and events relating to these causes are listed inside, check for details.

Upcoming Events:

Rising for Climate, Jobs, and Justice

  • September 8th
    • Happening everywhere! Click here to find an event nearest you!

  • With the 2018 midterm elections fast approaching, now is the time to engage and mobilize our communities for climate, jobs, and justice.

    Pledge to join tens of thousands of people taking action to demand bold climate action on September 8th, and beyond.

    We are calling on all elected officials to fight for a 100% clean energy economy; for family-sustaining jobs; for justice for everyone in this country regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or immigration status.

    Our democracy, our livelihoods, and our future depend on a climate movement that reaches all corners of this country. To change everything, it takes everyone — and with your help we can build a sustainable world for generations to come.
    Join us, spread the word, and pledge to take action on September 8th and beyond.

Chapter Events:

Brevard Chapter Executive Board Interest Meeting

  • TONIGHT-September 5th at 6pm

    • The Salty Fox, 602 Eau Gallie Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32935
  • Join the ReThink Energy Brevard Chapter at The Salty Fox to learn more about how you can get involved with the Executive Board. We will be talking about different ways to build and grow this organization to help run all of the upcoming projects.

Recap of Tidal Town Halls:

This summer, ReThink Energy Florida had the honor of partnering with First Street Foundation to host the Tidal Town Halls throughout the state of Florida. These events brought together candidates from all levels of government to discuss sea level rise, climate change, flooding and other environmental concerns specific to Florida. Candidates took this opportunity to discuss these crucial issues, where they stand on them, and most importantly, what they plan to do about it. As the Tidal Town Halls rolled
through the state we had the pleasure of hosting many concerned citizens who were there to engage on these topics and be a part of the discussion! Thanks to participation by both the public and those running for offices, these events were huge successes. In total, we hosted over 1,000 constituents.
Check out this piece by The Palm Beach Post.
ReThink would like to thank our partners, volunteers and candidates that helped to make these events
If you were unable to attend, videos from all Tidal Town Halls can be found linked HERE.
If you attended a Tidal Town Hall, please consider completing this survey to help us improve for the future.
And don’t forget to keep your eye on our Facebook Page for updates on future events. The Tidal Town Halls could be coming your way once again! 

Will you help us?

As we move into the fall, our goals include funding additional Tidal Town Halls, supporting our outreach and education program, including our STEM-based outreach to schools and community groups and events. We’ll also be supporting the Yes on Amendment 9 initiative, and begin planning for Reclaiming Florida’s Future 2019. If you like what we do, please consider making a donation to us at or by mail to ReThink Energy Florida, PO Box 1341, Tallahassee, FL 32302.

Get Involved:


  • Interns Needed! 

    • We currently have several intern positions open! Join our team and ignite change!

    • Our interns work approximately 10 hours a week, 6 of those hours being in the ReThink office and the remaining 4 hours spent working independently. Ideally, our interns work on our team for at least 2 consecutive semesters. We are actively searching for interns to fill the following roles: 

      • Development Coordinator - helps write grant applications and acts as a lead on major fundraisers.

      • Executive Assistant - supports our entire organization, and especially the Executive Director and other Directors.

      • Volunteer Coordinator - helps recruit volunteers and manage our volunteer engagement program.

      • Research and Policy Coordinator- researches policy associated with fracking, municipal energy, plastic bans, and offshore drilling. 

      • Graphic Design Coordinator- supports the Communications Team by creating graphics and educational videos for social media. 

  • Volunteers Needed!
    • We need your help with upcoming Tidal Town Halls! We are also actively seeking new chapter leaders across the state of Florida.

      • Tidal Town Hall Volunteers

        • Set Up

        • Break Down

        • Time Keeper

        • General Volunteer 

          • Email Brian Lee at to indicate you're interest in helping. Details about future Town Halls including date and location will be available soon. 

      • Social Media Team Volunteer

        • Want to help and stay home? Become a part of our Social Media Team! We’ll send you items we’re focused on once per week. Your task will be to share, invite, retweet, or repost to help spread the word!


  • We are in need of regular ongoing help – from administrative work to social media support, to working on a campaign or event committee, to tabling with our organization’s outreach team. In particular, we are now looking for volunteers and interns to help with our new chapters! If you can help with short or long term needs, reply to this email!
  • Interns Needed! - There are statewide opportunities to intern with ReThink! Our interns work approximately 10 hours a week, 6 of those hours being in the ReThink office and the remaining 4 hours spent working independently. Ideally, our interns work on our team for at least 2 consecutive semesters. We are actively searching for interns to fill the following roles: 
    • Outreach Coordinator

    • Volunteer Coordinator 

    • Chapter Leaders
  • Volunteers Needed!

    • Social Media Team Volunteer

      • Want to help and stay home? Become a part of our Social Media Team! We’ll send you items we’re focused on once per week. Your task will be to share, invite, retweet, or repost to help spread the word!

Our Causes:

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise 

  • The good news is twofold, our Sea Level Rise Project is still rolling and the Tidal Town Halls are coming back for the general election! The Tidal Town Halls are designed specifically with constituents and voters in mind -- at these forums, candidates are posed with questions that relate to pressing environmental topics such as climate change, flooding, sea level rise, algae, and more. Not only did the first round of Town Halls set the stage for future events, they created an important dialogue that still persists. 

    Click here for video recaps of the Tidal Town Halls!
  • A few weeks ago, we released a blog about the New York Times piece by Nathaniel Rich. In his commentary, Rich talks in detail about the decade we could have stopped climate change and why we failed to act on what we knew then. 

    "“Nearly everything we understand about global warming was understood in 1979. By that year, data collected since 1957 confirmed what had been known since before the 20th century: Human beings have altered Earth’s atmosphere through the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels.”" 

    Click here to read the full blog! 

  • Follow us on social media to stay informed! 

    • Facebook
    • Twitter: @RethinkEnergyFL
    • Instagram: @rethinkenergyfl
  • Florida Climate Pledge

    • Climate Change impacts all of us. Together we can make a difference. Sign the Florida Climate Pledge today and commit to a healthier, more sustainable environment. 

For more information and to learn how you can get involved with the Tidal Town Halls, please contact Brian Lee at


  • On August 4th, ReThink Energy Florida's Communications Director Jenn Zipperer joined concerned citizens and partnering organizations at the St. Augustine March Against Fracking. Mayor Nancy Shaver of St. Augustine made a special appearance for a pre-march talk on the importance of banning fracking. Close to 120 people marched across the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine and through town. The march ended at City Hall where speakers gave rousing speeches centered around the environmental risks of fracking and the power of taking action. 

    • Speakers at the event:

      • Jenn Zipperer, ReThink Energy Florida Communications Director 

      • Dr. Gary Bowers

      • Jen Lomberk, Matanzas Riverkeeper 

      • Nick Farmularo, Event Organizer and Environmental Activist 

  • Other News: In August, Texas-based oil company Cholla Petroleum filed applications for six exploratory oil wells in Calhoun County. Cholla conducted seismic testing in the area back in 2016, and now Cholla wants to drill on private land between the Chipola and Apalachicola Rivers. Earlier this year, the oil company Spooner drilled an exploratory well in Calhoun County. The well was dry and has since been plugged, but overall the Calhoun County Commission was very supportive of that well; we anticipate they will welcome Cholla as well, but that may not be true all elected officials in the area.

    We believe that these new applications present an opportunity for all presently acting elected officials--and especially those who represent Calhoun County (Senator Bill Montford and Representative Halsey Beshears)--to voice their support for a ban in the 2019 legislative session. Members of the coalition are coordinating with leaders in the area on the best way to organize around these new permits, and will be sharing more soon when we have a better sense of the timetable on the ground as well as the forces at play.

    • ReThink worked with our partners to support Floridians Against Fracking's presence on the Florida League of Cities in August. We have been actively reaching out and getting in touch with people in the area but information has been difficult to obtain. We will continue to monitor new developments in Big Cypress and Calhoun County. 

For more information, please contact V Miller at

Offshore Drilling

  • Over the summer, we started the Yes On 9 pledge to show that Floridians are ready to ban offshore drilling. 

    • WHEREAS:

      • 218,000 jobs and $36.6B in GDP are support by Florida’s tourism economy
      • Offshore oil drilling and oil spills are a public health hazard
      • 1,700 local, state, and federal officials oppose drilling expansion

      As a citizen of Florida demanding my right to safe beaches and the economic protection of our state's thriving, tourism-based economy, I pledge to vote YES on Amendment 9 in November and ask my friends and family to do the same.

  • Even though the pledge contest is over, there is still something you can do to secure Florida's future -- you can take the time and VOTE YES ON 9 in November!

 For more information, please contact V Miller at

Renewable Energy

  • In concert with our organizational partners and friends, Campaign Director V Miller continued to follow up with representatives from the City of Tallahassee Utility about their progress on drafting a municipal energy transition study. The request for a study was initiated by the City Commission on October 26, 2017 and the draft of the study is not complete at this time. Miller has continued the dialogue between the City of Tallahassee and other organizations associated with the Tally 35 Coalition and hopes to meet all the parties concerned to discuss the City’s progress in the early part of September. In the meantime, our Research and Policy Team has been hard at work developing public education resources that we hope to share in September

    • Are you passionate about a clean energy transition in Tallahassee? Join the team as an intern! Campaign Director V Miller is actively looking for new team members dedicated to this pursuit. Apply HERE

For more information, please contact V Miller at

Single-Use Plastics

  • To support our newest cause, Research and Policy Coordinators led by Campaign Director V Miller have been investigating local and national single use plastic bans in an effort to better understand our options for a Florida-based campaign. The Campaign Team has also been researching the opposition to single use plastic bans, specifically bans on plastic straws, including the well-warranted concern that eliminating plastic straws may severely impact people with disabilities who rely on a bendable straw to drink. By the end of September, we hope to use our findings to help develop an inclusive and forward-thinking ban ask with our partners for Tallahassee and beyond.

    • As we continue to expand our knowledge on this new horizon, we are looking for interns to support this cause! 

For more information, please contact V Miller at              .

 ReThink's Regional Chapters:

  • ReThink Energy Florida is actively expanding across the state, and in doing so, we have established 'ReThink Energy Regional Facebook Groups'. These groups support local chapters and are great online communities for concerned Floridians who seek to help make a difference in your regional communities. In addition, we have our statewide Facebook page and our statewide Facebook Group for sharing statewide activities!

  • If you are a member of the following communities, we strongly encourage you to follow these links to join your ReThink Energy Regional Groups!

  • If you live in a region of Florida not listed above and would like to start a regional group for your area, respond to this email and let us know!


Most of all, thank you for all of your continued support for our important mission! Since we are in the middle of the Florida legislative session and policy makers, right now, have the opportunity to make impactful change on the health of our environment, we must make our voices heard, hold our elected officials accountable, and support to our mission to ReThink Energy.

And as always, be sure to keep up with us on social media for more great events, news, and ways to get involved by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Snapchat!



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