Why Renewable Energy?

  • Renewable, and specifically, solar energy is clean and sustainable
  • Expansion of renewable energy reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and utility companies
  • Less waste and pollution is generated
  • Increases in solar energy diversifies the energy market and creates GREEN jobs
  • Provides the opportunity for community 'solar systems'
  • Solar, and other renewable energy systems, are the future!
    • According to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Energy, more people were employed in solar power last year than in generating electricity through coal, gas and oil energy combined!


  • And of course...We're the Sunshine State!


Ready For 100

  • 100% renewable energy creates jobs, brings savings to local governments, and makes areas more resilient against factors such as price inflation and storms.
  • The challenges of adopting a green energy economy begin with local leadership. Cities in Florida such as St. Petersburg and Orlando have already made the pledge and are currently working on action plans to make the transition.  
  • ReThink Energy Florida is teaming up with Sierra Club Florida to encourage other cities in our state to be 100% renewable in the hopes that others will follow suit.
  • For more, information, check out this page.  

ReThink's Solar Successes

  • Passage of Amendment 4 in the 2016 Florida primary election
    • Establishes a property tax break for businesses who install solar energy systems 
    • Also removes Florida’s “tangible personal property tax”, which taxes solar equipment installed on properties 
    • Increases solar purchasing power for Floridians and paves the way for widespread increases in solar technological innovation
    • Encourages solar energy business and investment in Florida
  • Defeat of Florida's Amendment 1 in the 2016 general election
    • Stopped attempts by Florida's utility companies to limit rooftop solar expansion
    • Stopped the enshrinement of Florida's mediocre solar policy
    • Prevented Florida's poor policy embraced by only 3 other states that make it illegal for anyone other than a utility to sell electricity to consumers
    • Proved the power of a strong, passionate grassroots coalition with our defeat of the over $26 million spent by the Florida utility corporations in trying to deceive the Florida voters into voting against their beliefs
    • Served as a profound defeat of large special interests in their attempts to undermine the electorate by pouring cash into our elections and promoting deception


While the passage of Amendment 4 and the defeat of Amendment 1 signal growth for solar energy in our sunshine state, it's important that we remain attentive to solar legislation and protect it from attacks on net-metering.

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