Lunch & Learns

Lunch & Learns are an opportunity to enjoy a meal while engaging in educational presentations at the same time! Every month, ReThink invites a different guest speaker to join us and discuss various environmental topics. Attendance is free, but there are catered food options available for those interested. You are also welcome to bring your own brown bag lunch.


Movie Nights

In collaboration with a coalition of various non-profit environmental organizations, ReThink helps organize free movie nights where we invite community members to a viewing of a relevant environmental film. Following the film, attendees are welcome to engage in a dialogue regarding the topic.


Youth Education

We emphasize educating our youth on environmental issues and skills they will need as we, as a society, downsize our energy use in the future. At schools, summer camps, and even community events, we bring the possibilities of sustainable energy to life with exciting activities. You can find out more details here. 


Adult Outreach

Adult outreach is another way in which ReThink connects with the community. We provide presentations and workshops on a variety of environmental issues as well as explore available solutions. You can find out more details here


Grassroots Advocacy

Part of our mission statement is to engage, which we accomplish first and foremost by engaging citizens to advocate for renewable energy in order to move Florida away from fossil fuel consumption and production. Our grassroots advocacy encourages those who support our cause to become part of the political process and demand change! You can see more about what we advocate for on our causes page.


Internship Program

We build leaders in energy and environment through our internship program. Our interns go places: Working for NASA, writing Energy Policy in D.C., studying Law at the University of Chicago, working with US Senators, and more! Our interns don’t just do Administrative or filler work, they write grant applications, lead workshops, develop policy recommendations, and run our Youth, Adult, and Media Outreach programs. Internships with ReThink Energy Florida provide growth opportunities and are an excellent way to get involved. Interested in joining our team?