October 2018

The Big Bend Environmental Forum will take place on Thursday, October 11th from 5:15 PM to 8:30 PM, at the Tallahassee City Commission Chambers, 300 S Adams St. Tidal Town Halls will be beginning, starting with Clearwater on the 24th, and the National Solar Tour will be taking place across the entire county on October 6th and 7th. We are also in need of some interns, and volunteers, so check within for more details. 

Upcoming Events:

Big Bend Environmental Forum 

  • Thursday, October 11th - 5:15pm-8:30pm

    • Tallahassee City Commission Chambers, 300 South Adams Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301

  • The Big Bend Environmental Forum, is hosting a candidates' forum for local candidates, including the US Congress, Leon County Commission, Tallahassee City Commission, and Soil and Water Commission. We will also be inviting the candidates for Governor and Agriculture Commission to the reception. The Candidate Form will begin a 6:00 pm, citizens will be able to suggest questions covering environmental, energy, sustainability, and growth management issues. At 5:15 the building will be opened up as an open house whitch will include displays by candidates and BBEF member organizations, and will provide an opportunity for voters to meet the candidates in person. The Big Bend Environmental Forum is coalition of 15 conservation, community, smart growth and sustainable organizations working to to protect and improve the communities in the Big Bend Region.


Tidal Town Halls

These Tidal Town Hall events are an opportunity for voters to hear ideas for solutions to Sea Level Rise and other related topics directly from candidates running for public office, so that they may make an informed choice at the polls. Candidates for office at all levels of government, from Congress to Florida’s state legislature, to local municipal positions will be asked to discuss their plans for action to protect Floridians from the risks inherent in rising seas at these nonpartisan forums.

  • Clearwater

    • October 24th, 5:30pm-8:30pm

  • Bay County

    • October 24th, 6pm-8pm

  • Sarasota

    • October 29th, 5:30pm-8:30pm

  • Pensacola

  • Miami - Congressional District 26

  • Miami - Congressional District 27

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on Pensacola and Miami events as well as news on additional Tidal Town Halls. 

National Solar Tour

The National Solar Tour is the largest grassroots solar event in the U.S., providing an opportunity for solar homes and businesses around the country to open their doors to neighbors and solar supporters in their communities. Whether you are brand new to solar or have had panels on your roof for twenty years, the Tour is an opportunity to build community, learn about the latest technologies, and celebrate solar energy!

Happening on October 6th & 7th all across country, including Florida. 

Everyone is welcome! Click here to find an Open House near you!

Brevard Chapter:

Environmental Voter Project

The Environmental Voter Project aims to significantly increase voter demand for progressive environmental policy by identifying inactive environmentalists and then turning them into consistent activists and voters.

  • ReThink Energy Florida's Brevard Chapter has brought the Environmental Voter Project to Brevard County and surrounding areas. They have been knocking on doors in Rockledge, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Melbourne, and Titusville - they have plans to visit West Melbourne and Palm but need your help! 

    • If you are interested in getting involved with this project, please contact our Brevard Chapter Leader Karen Wade at karen@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

To learn more about this initiative, visit the Environmental Voter Project website by clicking here.

Get Involved:


  • Interns Needed! 

    • We currently have several intern positions open! Join our team and ignite change!

    • Our interns work approximately 10 hours a week, 6 of those hours being in the ReThink office and the remaining 4 hours spent working independently. Ideally, our interns work on our team for at least 2 consecutive semesters. We are actively searching for interns to fill the following roles: 

      • Educational Events Coordinator- Builds a support team to coordinate events related to ReThink Energy Florida's educational and outreach programs, including volunteers to market the event, distribute event information, and recruit participants.

      • Graphic Design Coordinator- supports the Communications Team by creating graphics and educational videos for social media. 

        • Must be able to provide previous work samples. 

      • Adult Outreach Coordinator- Twice a month, coordinator finds opportunities for and performs recruitment activities for ReThink Energy programs or actions.

        • Recruitment activities include but are not limited to: presentations or public addresses to new audiences on salient topics, community surveying, door-to-door canvassing, personal contacts, community tabling; and “creative leafletting.”

      • Youth Outreach Coordinator- Recruits families into REF programs and initiatives by creating outreach programs oriented towards youth. Also develops good relations with community schools and after school programs to promote outreach initiatives and projects.

      • Development Coordinator- Assists in the development and implementation of ReThink Energy’s annual fundraising plan and strategy for a large sustained base of annual individual donors. Secures, develops and tracks all individual donations and corporate fundraising.

        • Oversees organization of special fundraising events, including coordinating community share nights, working with committee to plan and execute Energy Ball in June, and/or Green Shopping Holiday Extravaganza in December.

  • Volunteers Needed! 

    • Tidal Town Hall Volunteers

    • Social Media Team Volunteer

      • Want to help and stay home? Become a part of our Social Media Team! We’ll send you items we’re focused on once per week. Your task will be to share, invite, retweet, or repost to help spread the word!


  • We are in need of regular ongoing help – from administrative work to social media support, to working on a campaign or event committee, to tabling with our organization’s outreach team. In particular, we are now looking for volunteers and interns to help with our new chapters! If you can help with short or long term needs, reply to this email!
  • Interns Needed! - There are statewide opportunities to intern with ReThink! Our interns work approximately 10 hours a week, 6 of those hours being in the ReThink office and the remaining 4 hours spent working independently. Ideally, our interns work on our team for at least 2 consecutive semesters. We are actively searching for interns to fill the following roles: 

    • Chapter Leaders- Leads regional chapters by organizing volunteers, creating events, and supporting the overall health of ReThink Energy Florida. 

  • Volunteers Needed!

    • Social Media Team Volunteer

      • Want to help and stay home? Become a part of our Social Media Team! We’ll send you items we’re focused on once per week. Your task will be to share, invite, retweet, or repost to help spread the word!

Our Causes:

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise 

  • The Tidal Town Halls are back! As a part of our Sea Level Rise Project, we have hosted 13 Tidal Town Halls in cities all across the state of Florida prior to the primary election. Now, we are bringing them back just in time for the general election so voters can find out where candidates running for office stand on critical environmental issues like sea level rise, climate change, flooding, and algae blooms. Join us to ask questions and get answers! 

  • Didn't get a chance to read our blog on Hurricane Florence? You can check it out here
    • "It’s not a question of what we can do -- we already know that -- it’s a question of when we are going to do it. It’s no secret that if we adhered to the Paris Agreement we could restrict a global rise in temperature to below 2 degrees Celsius. A smooth transition to clean, renewable energy is another way we could mitigate the current side effects of climate change and ensure we don’t continue to suffer in the future."

  • Follow us on social media to stay informed! 

    • Facebook
    • Twitter: @RethinkEnergyFL
    • Instagram: @rethinkenergyfl
  • Florida Climate Pledge

    • Climate Change impacts all of us. Together we can make a difference. Sign the Florida Climate Pledge today and commit to a healthier, more sustainable environment. 

For more information and to learn how you can get involved with the Tidal Town Halls, please contact Brian Lee at brian@rethinkenergyflorida.org.


  • ReThink Energy Florida's staff continues to monitor exploratory well permits in Calhoun county. In mid-September, the Department of Environmental Protection requested information from Cholla Petroleum to reconcile ambiguities in their permit applications. Our staff has been in touch with the Waterkeeper as well as residents on the ground, who are currently assessing the viability of a legal strategy and connected action with the county commission.

For more information, please contact V Miller at campaigns@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

Offshore Drilling

  • Amendment 9 is one of three proposed constitutional amendments that will be brought before the Florida Supreme Court. Attorney General Pam Bondi and Leon County Circuit court Judge Karen Gievers believe that these amendments are improperly bundled and will violate the First Amendment rights of voters who may have conflicting opinions on the issues bundled together. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on whether the amendments will be bundled on the ballot. ReThink is in contact with other members of the Yes on 9 coalition to execute their coordinated media strategy. Further plans for a ground game in the Tallahassee area are planned for this upcoming month.

 For more information, please contact V Miller at campaigns@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

Renewable Energy

  • Ready for 100 - On September 25th, during a meeting of the Tallahassee city commission, V Miller with assistance from their staff spoke about the need for greater transparency and communication between residents and the city utility. The remarks were made both in relation to the utilities' message from a week prior regarding the purchase of an 18-megawatt natural gas generator, as well as unanswered questions about the status of the nFront report. Commissioners including Mayor Andrew Gillum supported the need for more consistent and open dialogue. A meeting with nFront is expected to happen within the next few weeks.

For more information, please contact V Miller at campaigns@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

Single-Use Plastics

  • ReThink Energy Florida is in the midst of a campaign to end the use of single-use plastics. According to our Campaign Director V Miller, there has been a wave of attention on social media regarding the dangers of a very common single-use plastic: straws. Americans use about 500 million straws per day, which equates to about 1.6 straws per person. This means that Floridians -- roughly 23 million people -- are using about 37 million straws a day.
    • Recently, the Campaign Team met with Straw Free Tallahassee at Gaines Street Pies, and learned about their plans to incorporate their work as part of Sustainable Tallahassee. Another meeting is being planned to discuss the specifics and details of a partnership with ReThink Energy Florida including coordinating our strategies and tactics.

For more information, please contact V Miller at campaigns@rethinkenergyflorida.org              .

 ReThink's Regional Chapters:

  • ReThink Energy Florida is actively expanding across the state, and in doing so, we have established 'ReThink Energy Regional Facebook Groups'. These groups support local chapters and are great online communities for concerned Floridians who seek to help make a difference in your regional communities. In addition, we have our statewide Facebook page and our statewide Facebook Group for sharing statewide activities!

  • If you are a member of the following communities, we strongly encourage you to follow these links to join your ReThink Energy Regional Groups!

  • If you live in a region of Florida not listed above and would like to start a regional group for your area, respond to this email and let us know!

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