Florida's Fracking Ban is Flying Through the Senate

Food and Water Watch 

February 14, 2018

"After passing through the Senate Environmental Preservation and Conservation Committee unanimously, the fracking ban bill moved to the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources for the first time ever.
Each of these votes has been bipartisan and featured unprecedented support."




Is Florida IN or OUT of Offshore Drilling Plan? Feds could decide later this year

WGCU SW Florida 

February 12, 2018

"Supporters and opponents of offshore drilling have one thing in common: neither believe Florida is off the table in the federal government’s proposed 5-year offshore leasing plan."
Uncertainty regarding Florida's Future means we still have to fight! We don't need oil to meet energy demands with the untapped potential of renewables!#SunshineState #ProtectOurCoasts

LWV Reports Sunshine State is Making Solar Strides

The Bradenton Times

February 11, 2018

"Florida now leads the nation in new residential rooftop permits with a growth rate of 110 percent in 2016. The Florida Solar Energy Center reports solar jobs are growing at a rate of ten times that of the Florida economy."

President Trump Slaps Tariffs on Solar Panels in Major Blow to Renewable Energy


January 22, 2018

"The US will impose duties as much as 30 percent on solar equipment made abroad, a move that threatens to handicap a $28 billion industry hat relies on parts made abroad for 80 percent of its supply."

Lee County Residents Stage Mock Oil Spill to Support Anti-Fracking Legislation

November 22nd, 2017

"A group of Lee County residents met in downtown Fort Myers Tuesday night to stage a mock oil rig spill to draw attention to the risks of fracking and promote the proposed bipartisan legislation that would ban the practice in Florida."

Protesters with signs

POINT OF VIEW: Court was clear: Community comes first on fracking

Palm Beach Post
November 8th, 2017

"Approximately 80 percent of Florida’s population has supported a ban on fracking through city and county resolutions. Is Rodrigues representing the majority of Floridians or fossil fuel interests?"

Protester with sign

Tallahasseeans want more money for schools and the environment, restrictions on guns and a ban on fracking

Tallahassee Democrat
October 31st, 2017

ReThink Energy Florida attended the 2017 Leon County Legislative Delegation Meeting on Monday, Oct. 30, 2017 to let our legislative delegates know we want a ban on fracking to be an issue they focus on in the upcoming legislative session. The event, which happen at the Leon County courthouse was packed with over 100 people. To learn more about the event and hear about how ReThink Energy Florida President: Kim Ross and Communications Director: Brian Lee were involved, check out the full article in the Tallahassee Democrat by clicking the title above.



Education, fracking, crime: Leon County delegation hears concerns

Florida Politics
October 31st, 2017

At the Leon County Legislative Delegation Meeting, many issues were discussed including mental health problems, crime rates, and because of the attendance of ReThink Energy Florida and Floridians Against Fracking, fracking was a major issue discussed as well. You can read a synopsis of the issues discussed from Florida Politics by clicking the title above.

Florida Politics Article Screenshot


UCF's enormous solar plant would slash $2 million a year from utility bills

Orlando Sentinel
May 5th, 2017

"UCF’s solar array would be the biggest in the state not backed by a utility and may mark Florida’s energy timeline as beginning to crack the utility monopoly on electricity."

UCF solar panels


ReThink Energy Florida Pres. Kim Ross to be interviewed on 'Tallahassee National Action In Action' radio show


Reclaiming Florida's Future For All!

WCJB (ABC) - Gainesville, FL - WCJB TV 20 News 5 Live
March 22nd, 2017



Advocacy for everyone: How to effectively influence Florida politics (February Lunch & Learn)

FSView & Florida Flambeau 
February 19th, 2017


Competition teaches students STEM skills, solar power (2017 Energy Whiz!)

Tallahassee Democrat 
February 4th, 2017 Energy_Whiz_Tally_Democrat_Article.png

Rethink Energy Florida Reflects on Election's "Good News"

January 18th, 2017


Water cannons, rubber bullets used on Dakota Access Pipeline protesters by police

November 21, 2016


Protesters Take to the Streets for National Day of Action against Pipeline
November 15, 2016


Seas aren’t just rising, scientists say — it’s worse than that. They’re speeding up.

Top lawmaker calls for buying up sugar land to clean Everglades