February Newsletter

A call to action to stop the flawed house bill in favor of Montford's ban, a look at our upcoming Tallahassee and South Florida Chapter events, including Reclaiming Florida's Future, Energy Whiz, and What the Frack, and a look at the new bill to allow drilling for oil in the Everglades region and the Youth Environmental Leaders program (YEL), and opportunities to volunteer and become and intern. Continue reading

January Newsletter

Congratulating Gov Desantis on his anti-fracking bill, a look at some of our upcoming events, including Energy Whiz and Legislative Delegation Meetings, a look at our volunteering opportunities and internship positions. Continue reading

December / End of Year Newsletter

A recap of 2018 and the accomplishments made, from our own energy camps to passing an anti-drilling bill. Then a look forward into the events planned in 2019, and our internship positions available.  Continue reading

August 2018

No Newsletter Sent During August of 2018. Check September for the Most Accurate Information for This Time!

January 2018

It's 2018! Tallahassee and Miami chapter events are included, the Big Bend Energy Whiz Expo is approaching, December recap, and our internship and volunteer opportunities! Plus our causes and related events! More inside! Continue reading

February 2018

Stand with us in support of Senate Bill 462! Tallahassee, Miami, and Brevard chapter events are inside, and the Big Bend Energy Whiz Expo will take place on March 3. A January recap is included and our causes and related events are also inside. Continue reading

March 2018

The Rally to ban fracking will be on March 2, and there are several new Tallahassee events to get involved in. There is a February recap, and Tallahassee and Brevard chapter events are included inside. Internship and volunteer opportunities are available, and our causes and related events are as well. Continue reading

April 2018

Have Energy Innovator Award Nominations? See inside for details and where to submit them. Also included are the Climate Change Photo Competition, Lunch and Learn, and the Frenchtown Farmer's Market. ReThink Energy Action Fund Fundraisers! Info Inside! Also, see the Brevard Chapter Events and the Energy Ball! Energy Camp is set for July, and there is a March Recap. Read about our internship and Volunteer Opportunities! Check our causes and related events! Continue reading

May 2018

Check out the Innovator Awards and the Issues Survey inside, and learn about the Solar Co-Op Info Session and Lunch and Learn! Check out our exclusive Brevard County events, and remember that the Energy Ball is on June 8th from 7:00 PM to 10:30 PM! Energy Camp is coming up! Session 1 is from July 9 to July 13, and Session 2 is from July 23 to July 27. Check out our April recap and our Brevard and Miami events. We have internship and volunteer opportunities, plus our causes and related events. Continue reading

June 2018

Shop for Father's Day at Amazon, and Amazon will donate to ReThink! Take the Florida Climate Pledge and see what Regional Chapters are near you! The Energy Camp is apporaching, with Session 1 from July 9 - 13, and Session 2 from July  23 - 27. Also inside is an Energy Ball recap, and internship and volunteer opportunities! Check out our causes and related events! Continue reading