Ground Zero in the Climate Crisis

Across Miami and all over Florida, voters are increasingly concerned about climate impacts, and looking to leaders to implement meaningful solutions. It’s crucial that our leaders understand how climate change is already impacting residents in Miami and beyond. With the first democratic presidential debates being held at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Miami over two nights in June, plans are underway.

Miami is already seeing and paying steep costs for climate impacts; meanwhile four years ago there was very little discussion around the climate crisis in the debates or in the presidential campaign itself. While awareness has grown since that time, the urgency to take action cannot be understated.

As you can see from this fact sheet, the dire need to address climate change is unfolding before our eyes. Florida is seeing the impacts already and residents are paying a steep price.

Fact Sheet

Miami Climate Month is a series of events  organized by a broad array of local, state and national organizations.  Miami Climate Month includes webinars, panels, press briefings, art and culture projects, community workshops and other activities leading up to the debates to draw attention to the #ClimateEmergency. Learn more at

ReThink Energy Florida is helping to  arrange site visits for interested leaders who want to see the cascading climate impacts the Greater Miami area is experiencing  and paying the costs for . If you want to witness the impacts of rising seas, come see the pumps Miami Beach installed as part of a $650 million storm-water management program. Environmental justice organizations are happy to guide you to areas affected by climate gentrification reshaping communities. Or get insights into the public health threats that climate change is accelerating and meet the clinicians taking on the challenge. Candidates interested in scheduling a climate impact tour can reach out to ReThink Energy Florida’s Executive Director, Kim Ross (kim[at]; 850-888-2565).