Floridians Against Fracking

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Fracking and other unconventional oil and gas extraction methods pose serious health and environmental risks to the state of Florida, including large portions of the Florida Everglades. It has already happened in Florida at least once, but there is a large and dedicated group of people who want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and we need your help too!

The Floridians Against Fracking coalition, which includes members from a wide range of environmental, health, social justice and business groups, successfully defeated a bill for the past 3 years that would have allowed 1) fracking operations to really expand in Florida, 2) kept fracking chemicals a secret from the general public;  and 3) prohibited local communities from enacting protections to keep fracking out. 

But the fight will not be over until we have an all-out BAN on Fracking in Florida, and that's where you come in! We are building a network of communities who are adopting resolutions supporting a ban on fracking or ordinances to keep fracking out of their counties. We are also working to ensure that these resolutions help with our campaign to pass a state bill to ban fracking in 2018. Already, almost 80 resolutions and ordinances have passed across the state. 

We have done an analysis of the Draft EPA Assessment on Fracking, which you can find here!

Sign up below TODAY to join the Floridians Against Fracking coalition and we will help you plug into the anti-fracking movement by passing local resolutions, contacting your legislators, and more. The more of these resolutions that get passed, the closer we will be to a Ban on Fracking in Florida! The more of these resolutions that get passed, the closer we will be to a Ban on Fracking in Florida!

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