Sea Level Rises, Florida Floods


The latest article in Gatehouse Media's Rising Seas Series, “Climate researchers estimate sea level rise impacts to Florida”, examines a new analysis by Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS). The report shows that sea level rise impacts are coming sooner than many Floridians anticipate.

“Five Florida communities — Cape Sable (the southern point of the peninsula), Key Biscayne, Key West, the Lower Keys and the Middle Keys — could experience recurring tidal flooding unrelated to any storm events by 2035, according to their study. Three of those locations — Cape Sable, the Lower Keys and Middle Keys — already find themselves partially submerged at times but the forecast says their frequently inundated areas will roughly double in size within the next 17 years.” An interactive map on the UCS web site allows visitors to explore impacts for their own communities.


ReThink Energy Florida will be conducting a series of Sea Level Rise Forums to hear from candidates about their policy positions and ideas to address these issues.

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