Energy Innovator Finalists

Energy Innovator Nominee Finalists


Leon County of Sustainability

The Leon County of Sustainability is a great resource for the community helping to broaden residents' views on sustainability issues. This office regularly goes above and beyond what one would expect from a government agency, and promotes sustainability in name, practice, and community value.


Water Wagon Project

Since the unveiling in December of 2016 by the City of Tallahassee, the Water Wagon Project has provided reusable bottles and great tasting City water to the community, free of charge. Water Wagon is an innovative opportunity to educate the community about the public water system available to them, and how carrying a reusable water bottle or tumbler can significantly reduce the number of disposable, single-use bottles consumed by the community. The long-term impact of educating the community, promoting tap water, and using reusable drinkware benefits the local environment for future generations.


Small Non-Profit:

Florida School of Holistic Living North Florida Branch

The Florida School of Holistic Living is a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization with the mission of cultivating sustainable community by empowering individuals through philosophy-in-practice education that promotes holistic living. Their programming includes a comprehensive curriculum of natural health and sustainable living workshops, continuing education, and professional training. In the past year, the Florida School of Holistic Living collaborated with the non-profit the Laura Jepsen Institute at Lichgate on High Road, and the FSHL also traveled to North Dakota to bear witness to the indigneous uprising, stand in solidarity, deliver herbal supplies, and lend support. The FSHL provides fiscal sponsorship through their 501c3 nonprofit organization, facilitating tax-deductible donation options for those wishing to support the important work of the Council and more.


Treehouse Permaculture Center

Treehouse Permaculture Center (TPC) is dedicated to providing healthy and sustainable food options to the community while simultaneously restoring biodiversity on the land the center occupies. TPC inspires community members to implement sustainable designs into their own living spaces. By lending hands on permaculture workshops, TPC helps facilitate community powers of observation, arming people with the ability to see the resources available to them within the community and their space.


Gabrielle Maynard

Gaby believes that no one in the Tallahassee community should go hungry if there is available food. She innovatively contributes to sustainability by preventing food waste by recovering leftovers at large events. Gaby has also educated the community on the best techniques and materials to use in order to recover food from an event in order to grow towards a sustainable, humane future.


Kayana Gaines

Kayana Gaines has spearheaded innovation via her role as coordinator of the FAMU RYS Ecolab, which produces fresh produce for the community. She has utilized her platform at the FAMU Sustainability Institute to further campus greening via her role as FAMU Green Coalition Co-Adviser. Kayana has led several initiatives to educate the community on sustainability and energy issues and has assisted with on-campus indabas, workshops, and annual earth week festivities.


Len Adams

Len is a leader in the Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) Tallahassee Group that empowers and supports others to dream big and use creative techniques to reach the local Tallahassee community. Len recognizes the potential of community outreach in realizing future opportunities of sustainable growth, and uses the CCL Tallahassee Group as a platform to regularly share information about climate change and spread CCL's message of active citizenship and engagement with our members of Congress.


Lauren Corey

Lauren has organized rallies throughout the year for environmental causes through the FSU Environmental Service Project. She was the initiator of the Climate Rally in Tallahassee, in which she found partners who put her on a path towards success with various speakers and over 200 attendees.


Richard Silvestri

 Richard is a retired fire fighter who is constantly educating the public through emails, reports to Coalition, and others as he travels the country making a difference on Clean Energy issues. When the Professional Firefighter Association came out in favor of Amendment 1, the sham solar amendment, he was instrumental in convincing them to withdraw their support, which contributed significantly to the defeat of the Amendment. He traveled to Pennsylvania to document the depth of fracking destruction and shed light on harm to residents.


Sarah Younger

Sarah Younger wrote "Ode to Amendment 1", built the now famous Monopoly Man, a giant paper mache head, and corporate fat cat suit. It was performed as street theater under her direction at the Everglades Benefit Concert. She provided demonstrable leadership in the community with creative programming to promote the pro-solar energy agenda, leading workshops and organized art builds for protests and rallies such as People's Climate March and FPL protests throughout South Florida. She co-founded ongoing educational programming for community-led development of the "Kinetic Art Project", a public art piece demonstrating alternative energy and re-purposed materials. 



Toko Nakamura

Toko Nakamura is a Japanese Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student visiting the United States for one year. Toko’s leadership in sustainability has extended to her impact with her RYE peers from all over the world, fellow high school students, and other Rotarians. She personally takes short showers, line dries her clothes, and seeks opportunities through the use of environmentally-sound personal, public and shared transportation resources. She practices sustainability in her everyday life and urges her peers to do the same.


Cierra Williams

Cierra has volunteered with the French Town Community garden for over three years as an iGrow Youth Farm Leader and persistently pushed her family and friends to "go green." Cierra has been instrumental in educating on the importance of energy independence and sustainability. She has promoted healthy eating, composting as a solution to damaged soils, and local businesses to stimulate the local economy. Cierra starts college at Florida A&M University in the fall and will major in Biology.