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Take Action Today! Let’s achieve Energy Independence in a more beautiful Florida! Pledge to donate on July 21st, the anniversary of our first major success,  as part of a 'Moneybomb' to help ReThink Energy Florida sustain its work!

When we founded ReThink Energy Florida, we were under threat from the worst offshore drilling disaster ever known.  In July of 2010 Governor Crist listened to our voices and called a special session of the Florida legislature to ban offshore drilling.  And today, with ReThink Energy Florida operating statewide, we are still fighting for independence from the development of dirty fossil fuels, and for clean renewable energy in the Sunshine State!

We’ve achieved so much, educating hundreds of children about the benefits of renewable energy at our Summer Energy Camp and the Energy Whiz Olympics, fighting fracking in the state Capitol, and more!  And we need your help to continue!  Please help us Fight for Energy Independence with a contribution to ReThink Energy Florida!  Your donation of $120, $50, or even $10 to our Energy Independence Fundraising Campaign will keep us growing stronger and working harder towards a healthier, more sustainable Florida!   

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