Clicktivism - is it enough?

I’ve noticed a trend in recent days - many, many, many of my friends and people in my virtual community are sharing articles that highlight the negative impacts of Amendment 1, the fact that it is funded by Big Utility and the Koch Brothers, and the attempts the backers of this amendment are making to pull the wool over Floridians eyes. This sharing, it gives me confidence! It makes me feel like - hey - maybe enough people are getting message. BUT - and there’s a big but - I wonder - is it really enough?
As the founder of an organization which has been built off of Facebook interactions, I certainly see the value in social media. However, there have been a few studies on the subject which seem to indicate that ‘liking something’ does not transfer into in-person action or donation, and that, in fact, it allows the ‘Liker’ to feel as though they’ve been active without having done much.
My biggest concern is that we just don’t know the answer to the question. Here is what we do know:
  1. We know that most of us surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, especially on social media.
  2. We know that users only scroll so far before they stop and get back to whatever they were doing. In other words, if you share something at a particular time, and someone you know logs in at a different time, they may well not see your post.
  3. We know that 62% of American adults use Facebook. Put a different way, 38% of adults DONT Use facebook!
  4. We know there are 12.5 million eligible voters in Florida, and if voter turnout is like 2008, 2/3 of them will vote, or 8.3 million. We need 40% of the vote + 1 to defeat the amendment, or about 3.4 million.
  5. ReThink Energy Florida is getting a high number of shares, likes, and views on its NoOn1 social media posts, and I see that Floridians for Solar Choice is too. However, those numbers are in the thousands, not the millions.
  6. We know that there are tried and true methods of campaigning - including canvassing (1 new vote for every 14 doors knocked) and phonebanking (1 new vote for every 100 calls made).
  7. If, in addition to sharing and liking, the 15,000 people who recently ‘liked’ or ‘shared’ posts on ReThink Energy Florida would canvass for 3 hours each week up until the election, we would definitely win this thing.
So, ‘like it’ - yes; ‘share it’ - please do; but Please, Please get out in this nice fall weather and spread the word to your neighbors! If you cant get out, then phonebank. If you are in Leon County, ReThink Energy Florida has several events set up. Up next is a call bank on Wednesday night (here: and you can see for all the events! Or, contact us, and we can set you up with walk lists of likely voters. And across the state, has virtual phonebanking here or message me and I will set you up!