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At ReThink Energy Florida we are dedicated to being up to date on energy issues in Florida. Explore the causes we are currently involved in to learn more about why we are so determined to advocate for better practices.


At ReThink, we advocate for bans on fracking in Florida. We know that fracking is not a sustainable practice and that the pollution, environmental disturbance, and other negative outcomes of hydraulic fracking are detrimental to the sustainable future ReThink Energy is fighting for. Learn more about fracking and what ReThink is doing to ban fracking in Florida from the link above.

Gulf Leases:

The Gulf of Mexico is an important part of Florida’s diverse ecosystem and culture. We want to make sure that the Gulf stays clean, especially after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill which was a catalyst in ReThink’s formation. To learn more about our fight against BOEM’s continued sales of leases in the Gulf for off-shore oil drilling, click the link above.


ReThink is committed to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, and for Florida, the most relevant is solar energy -we are the ‘sunshine state’ after all. To learn more about why we believe renewable energy is important for our mission and the strides we are taking to make Florida 100% dependent on renewable energy, click the link above.

Climate Change:

Climate Change is an unfortunate reality we need to address. ReThink is committed to our believe that the best way to curb Climate Change is through educating, engaging, and empowering citizens to take action and achieve energy independence. To learn more about Climate Change and how we are involved, click the link above.