Call Speaker Oliva and President Galvano to ban fracking!

Yesterday Senate President Bill Galvano and House Speaker Jose Oliva called for fracking ban legislation to move forward in the Florida House and Senate. This is a big step forward for the FL fracking ban campaign!

Help us thank Oliva and Galvano for their support for this important clean water issue.

Call House Speaker Oliva at 877-252-4545 and tell the office: “Thank you for supporting a clean fracking ban, and please make sure that HB 239--a clean bill which bans all forms of fracking--is heard and passed.

Call Senate President Galvano at 855-980-2396 and tell the office: “Thank you for calling forth the Senate to hear a fracking ban. Please make sure that a clean bill which bans ALL forms of fracking passes the Senate.

  • January 31, 2019 at 2pm – February 04, 2019
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    (850) 888-2565