Floridians Against Fracking Call On Senator Bradley to Be A Hero On Fracking With Virtual “Bradley Bat Signal”
Asking Sen. Bradley to schedule SB 462 in his last Appropriations hearing


Tallahassee-, FL -- Wednesday, Floridians Against Fracking again called on Senator Rob Bradley to hold a final hearing on a bill that would ban fracking in Florida on Friday, March 2nd.  The event is the culmination of nearly 1500 phone calls and several actions across the state over the past week to encourage Senator Bradley to continue his legacy as a clean water champion by passing a bill to ban fracking.  Over the past two weeks, concerned citizens have been widely sharing the famed “Bradley Batman signal” to encourage Sen. Bradley to act heroically.

We were disappointed to learn, however, that Senator Bradley has declined to schedule the fracking ban bill in the March 2 meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Although the clock has run out on the traditional committee process, Senate President Negron and Speaker Corcoran still have the power to bring the fracking ban up for a vote directly on the floor or by other means.

Two Senate committees have already passed Senate bill 462 that would ban unconventional fracking in the state of Florida. Senator Bradley brought SB 462 for a vote in its first committee, Environmental Preservation and Conservation, and voted in support of the bill. The bill received unanimous support in both committees.  The house has said they will schedule SB 462 for a floor vote should it be passed in the Senate.


“We appreciate Senator Bradley for paving the way to pass the bill by scheduling it in its first committee,” said Doug Miller of ReThink Energy Florida. “Given the unanimous support which the bill has received in committee thus far and that the House has agreed to hear the bill if it is passed on the Senate Floor, Floridians are again looking to Senator Bradley to be the hero by scheduling it for a hearing in its final Senate Committee.”