Board of Directors

ReThink Energy Florida

Kim Ross - Executive Director & Ex Officio  

  Kim Ross is the executive director and founder of ReThink Energy Florida, a non-profit dedicated to engaging,
  educating, and empowering citizens to take action and achieve energy independence in a healthier, more
  sustainable environment. As an owner/member of EarthSTEPS, an environmental consulting firm, she also
  works the Operations Consultant and Project Manager on energy efficiency and Demand-Side Management
  projects. Kim is a steering committee member of Floridians Against Fracking, one of the leaders in the recent
  success derailing Big Oil's move to bring fracking to Florida.



Eva Armstrong - President

Cynthia EbbenSecretary 

  Cynthia Ebben holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida State University and a Master’s degree
  in counselor education from Long Island University in New York. She has served in the health care field for
  over 33 years in service delivery systems and physician-provider relations in New York and Florida. Her
  primary concerns include the environment, children and veterans’ issues.

  Her interest in protecting and preserving the environment stems from an understanding of the fundamental
  relationship that exists between the environment and health, and the sheer joy and delight seen in her own
  daughter from out-of-door ventures as a child. As an insightful young woman, her daughter later brought
  the book “Last Child in the Woods” to her mother’s attention. The book by Richard Louv, recipient of the Audubon Medal, reviews research that highlights the relationship between nature and healthy childhood development.

Cynthia Ebben believes that we all have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environment as a basic bequeath to future generations.

Board Member at Large - Janice Steibly

  Janice Browning Steibly has served as Chief Executive Officer of EarthSTEPS LLC since October 2017, prior to this position
  she served as Director of Operations from 2015-2017. 
In addition to this, she also served Project Manager for the
  Neighborhood REACH Field Services program from 2010-2015. In this capacity, she worked with the City program manager,
  the City Auditors, Community Coordinator, the Honeywell REACH team, and the EarthSTEPS field team on a daily basis
Prior to joining the REACH program, she worked on several grant-consulting projects for Metric Engineering,
  Molinari Technical Solutions (MTS), Business Continuity Professionals (BCMP), and EarthSTEPS. While Janice
  has primarily been serving in a consulting and project management capacity since 2010, she also has 20 years of state
  government experience, with an extensive background administering state and federal grant programs and governmental
Janice served as Assistant Secretary and Chief of Staff for the Florida Department of Community Affairs and was responsible for the Divisions of Housing and Community Development, Community Planning, and Emergency Management. She also served as the Director of the Division of Housing and Community Development for many years and managed over $350 million through five separate federal disaster grant programs appropriated by Congress following storms between 2004-2009, administered up to $200 million in community grants each year, worked closely with federal agencies such as HUD, HHS, DOE as well as the Florida Washington Office.

ReThink Energy Action Fund 

Leighanne Boone - President

Leighanne is a sustainability attorney who has made it her life's goal to make the world a better place. Originally from Orlando, she went to school in Washington DC, Vermont and North Carolina. She brings with her a tenacity to overcome obstacles to accomplish the goal of 100% renewable energy in order to ensure justice and a livable future for us all. She has also served on the board of Sustainable Tallahassee for three years and prides herself on being a downtown resident who only drives once a week.