PETITION: Ban Fracking in Florida!

Fracking is a dangerous method of extracting natural gas and oil. With Florida's unique limestone geology, this practice poses a very serious risk to our drinking water system and public health.

Fracking and other unconventional oil and gas extraction methods pose serious health and environmental risks to the state of Florida, including large portions of the Florida Everglades. It has already happened in Florida at least once, but there is a large and dedicated group of people who want to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, and we need your help too! Please stand for the people of Florida by pledging to support a ban on fracking!

For more information on fracking, go to or our fracking page.

For our movement in Florida, that time is NOW. With the 2017 legislative session here, it is now more important than ever that we send a message to our elected officials that we demand a statewide fracking ban be passed in this legislative session. 

Your information will be used to tell your legislators who and how many people in their district demand a fracking ban. For this reason, please enter the information fully and share widely!


Fracking is posing an increasingly large risk to the environmental stability to our state, and if we do not act...we will suffer enormous consequences. As an issue that will be hotly debated in the Florida Legislature during this legislative session, it is urgent that we send a message to our elected representatives that we DEMAND A STATEWIDE FRACKING BAN

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