Ask the Commission to Adopt a Clean Energy Plan!

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In October of 2017, the Tallahassee City Commission voted unanimously to have its staff study how the city may become 100% renewable by the year 2035. On January 30th, an update of adopting alternative energy in Tallahassee will be presented. This is a great opportunity for residents of Tallahassee who are concerned of climate change and pollution caused by fossil fuels to remind the commission of the necessity and urgency of this transition. Not only is it vital for public health and the environment, but transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy will make this city an inspirational leader in the fight against climate change.

You can be a part of the movement to make Tallahassee 100% renewable by 2035! It’s as simple as explaining in a few minutes why it is important to you for the city to adopt a clean energy plan. Make sure to get to the City Commission Chambers by 4 pm to fill out a public comment form. Citizen comments regarding items on the agenda take place at the beginning of the meeting, and it is important each renewable energy advocate’s voice is heard!

Besides the update and the authorization of the Compact, we’ve learned that City Staff will recommend additional meetings to determine the scope and goal of the Clean Energy Plan. We feel these additional meetings are unnecessary and may produce recommendations at odds the resolution endorsed by members of the community. Please come to the meeting and ask the commissioners to authorize the Compact but refrain from creating further delay.