ReThink Energy Florida Art Happy Hour 1

Let's have fun together and make artwork for the June 8th Energy Ball, let's paint a wall mural, let's art for anything else... Let's just art!

In conjunction with the sponsor All Saint's Culture Club & Artist's Hub, ReThink Energy Florida will be hosting Art Happy Hours on Thursday, May 31st and Tuesday, June 5th from 5:30pm-9:30pm.

Everyone is welcome.

This is a free, multi-purpose event with opportunities for community participation.

•The evening activities feature ReThink volunteers working on decorations for the upcoming Energy Ball fundraising event!

•Volunteers will invite club visitors to join them in starting an alternative energy & eco conscious mural on a wall in the club where it will remain as an interactive project for guest artists and club visitors.

•There are plans for an additional on-going interactive art piece, a 3-D mosaic or mandala. Bring in collections of small objects such as bottle caps, corks, buttons, fabric scraps, broken jewelry and dried items from nature like small pine cones, pebbles, seeds, or shells.

•Guest musicians and other performers may drop in throughout the evening. We are encouraging all volunteers to bring your own instruments, iPods, and headphones.

•If the weather permits, we'll have some veggie hot dogs to cook on the grill! If you would like other refreshments, feel free to bring your own snacks and adult beverages.

Will you come?