April 2018

Have Energy Innovator Award Nominations? See inside for details and where to submit them. Also included are the Climate Change Photo Competition, Lunch and Learn, and the Frenchtown Farmer's Market. ReThink Energy Action Fund Fundraisers! Info Inside! Also, see the Brevard Chapter Events and the Energy Ball! Energy Camp is set for July, and there is a March Recap. Read about our internship and Volunteer Opportunities! Check our causes and related events!

It's officially Spring which means its time for action, education, and FUN! Keep reading to learn more about events happening near you, ways to get involved, and a special photo contest! 

This Month:

Statewide Events:

Energy Innovator Award Nominations

  • Do you know a Young Person, Individual, Business or Organization who deserves special recognition for energy innovation? Nominate them for an Energy Innovator Award! Awards will be presented at the 2018 Energy Ball!

    • Recipients of the Award will receive two free tickets to the ball.

  • Click here to submit your nomination!

Climate Change Photo Competition 

  • The ReThink Energy Florida Climate Change Photo Competition is open to amateur photographers.

    • No photos under professional contract or any that have been previously published on an organizational, professional or corporate site/social media can be submitted.

    • EACH PHOTO ENTERED MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A $5 ENTRY FEE PER PHOTO. All $5 entry fees are non-refundable.
  • Photos must be of Florida and themed around the ReThink Energy Florid (REF) Mission Statement and address one of the following points.

    • "Our mission is to educate, engage and empower citizens to take action and achieve energy independence in a healthier, more sustainable environment."

    • Go for renewables! (Solar energy, Wind energy , Geothermal energy)

    • Get off of fossil fuels!

    • Climate Change is happening, it’s here, it’s now!

    • Sea Level Rise is happening now

    • You’ve got the power to make the difference (in politics, in energy use)

    • We must take action now

  • Click here for more information on the rules of the contest.

  • First Place: $50, Second Place: $25, Third Place: $15.

Tallahassee Chapter Events 

Lunch and Learn: Climate, Health and Resilience

  • April 18th 12pm-1pm

    • BL Perry Library 2817 S. Adams St. Tallahassee, FL 

  • Guest Speaker: FSU Professor Christopher Uejio 

  • Join us for a compelling discussion on health, climate, and resilience. Joining us to lead the talk will be FSU Professor Christopher Uejio. 

    • $5 for Students/Friends of ReThink and $7 for the General Public.

      • Lunch Catered by Taste Budz: Asian Chicken Lunch OR Maple Sweet Potato and Cannellini Bean Lunch

    • Follow the event on Facebook!

    • Click here to RSVP and order your lunch!

Frenchtown Farmers Market: Love your Mother Earth

  • Saturday, April 21st at 10am-2pm

    • 524 N MLK Blvd, Tallahassee, FL

  • Join us and many others at the FrenchTown Farmers Market for an Earth Day event! This is a FREE event with interactive demos and activities centered around sustainability!

    • There will also be fresh produce, delicious meats, seafood, artisan foods, eggs, homemade jewelry and natural beauty products. Bring your friends and family for this Earth Day celebration!

We have several other Children’s and Adult Outreach opportunities this month. If you can help, please reach out to volunteers@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

Rethink Energy Action Fund

Join us to support our sister organization, the ReThink Energy Action Fund!

Grub Burger Fundraiser

  • Thursday, April 12th at 11am-10pm

    • 3425 Thomasville Rd #21, Tallahassee, FL

Chipotle Fundraiser

  • Monday, April 23rd at 4pm-8pm

    • 1801 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, FL

Brevard Chapter Events

No Single Use Plastic-Chapter Meeting

  • Wednesday, April 11th at 6:30pm-8pm

    • Unity of Melbourne, 2401 N Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL

  • Join us to discuss our efforts to educate and tackle Single Use Plastic. There are many aspects that we'll want to address, including getting volunteers to help us spread the word!

    The meeting will be in the hospitality room.

  • Follow the event on Facebook!

Save the Date!

Energy Ball 2018

  • Friday, June 8th at 7pm-10:30pm

    • Elks Lodge, 276 N Magnolia Dr, Tallahassee, FL

  • Join us for fun dancing, great food and drinks, a silent auction, and recognition!

    • We are excited to announce our bands:

      • Avis Berry and Friends

      • Garnet and Soul

      • Frank Jones Band

    • This event supports ReThink Energy Florida’s year-around activities, specifically the upcoming Energy Camps.

  • Ticket Prices:

    • $40 for Individuals 

    • $60 for Couples

    • $30 for Students, Seniors (55+), and Veterans

    • $20 for members of the ReThink Energy Friends Program

Energy Camp: Sessions I&II

  • Session I: July 9th - 13th

  • Session II: July 23rd - 27th

    • United Church of Tallahassee, 1834 Mahan Dr, Tallahassee, FL

  • Energy Camp is a summer program designed to teach youth, rising into grades 3-6, the impact of fossil fuel usage, the options of renewable energy, and the fundamental skills that will be required as we downsize our energy use and environmental impact. 

    • Activities Include:

      • How to make a Solar Oven

      • Creating your own Solar Bug

      • Fixing Bikes

      • Growing your own Food

  • Click here to apply! The application deadline is July 2, 2018 or a week before the camp.


March Recap:

Statewide Events

Rally to Ban Fracking

  • The citizens of Florida gathered in Stuart, FL to rally in Senate President Negron's district to urge him to push the fracking ban through the legislature. Even though the fracking ban did not pass this year, we made great strides towards our goal. 

  • We urge you to follow up in the 'Causes' section of this newsletter for a full update on our efforts to ban fracking and how you can stay involved!

Public Comments to BOEM

  • Early in the year, the Trump Administration proposed to open the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf to offshore drilling. In an effort to stop this disastrous plan, the citizens of Florida submitted comments to the Bureau opposing offshore drilling.

  • 1.6 million comments were submitted in 60 days!! That means 1.6 million people stood up for their rights, the health of the environment, and our beloved waters.

    • For more information on our efforts to ban offshore drilling, keep reading in the 'Causes' section in this newsletter

FDEP Public Meeting-Tallahassee

  • On March 22nd, Floridians gathered in Tallahassee to attend one of FDEP's public meetings regarded the Volkswagen Settlement and how Florida will potentially spend its portion. The citizens of Florida are ready for the transition to zero emission ELECTRIC technology for our public transportation. We attended to encourage officials to consider using Florida's settlement money for said transition for the benefit of our economy, environment, and health.

    • Stay tuned for more information on this topic!

Tallahassee Chapter Events 

March Lunch and Learn

  • Last month, we were joined by TAPP coordinator, Courtney Schoen. She lead the presentation specifically centered around TAPP's Rain Garden Grant Program. This program details the design of creating a rain garden, as well as how they are beneficial to our community.

    • Don't worry if you missed us, there's another Lunch and Learn coming up on April 18th!

Leon County Solar Co-Op Information Session III

  • Neighbors across the county have formed the Leon County Solar Co-op with the help of Solar United Neighbors of Florida to make it easier to save money on the purchase of solar panels, while building a community of local solar supporters.

  • We were joined by the residents of Tallahassee for the third and final information session to learn more about this amazing opportunity for Leon County!

North Florida Energy Whiz Olympics

    • This event was a regional expo connected with the Energy Whiz Olympics conducted by the Florida Energy Center at the University of Central Florida. Energy Whiz is a forum for students to demonstrate their STEM knowledge and skills as they relate to energy topics—such as solar thermal, photovoltaics (PV)—through friendly competition.

    • Students joined us for fun, education, and friendly competition!

      • Don't worry if you missed this event, Energy Camp is coming up this summer!


Get Involved:


  • Interns Needed! 

    • We currently have several intern positions open! Join our team and ignite change!

    • Our interns work approximately 10 hours a week, 6 of those hours being in the ReThink office and the remaining 4 hours spent working independently. Ideally, our interns work on our team for at least 2 consecutive semesters. We are actively searching for interns to fill the following roles: 

      • Development Coordinator 

      • Non-Profit Management Coordinator 

      • Executive Assistant 

      • Tallahassee Outreach Coordinator

      • Volunteer Coordinator

  • Volunteers Needed!
    • We have regular needs for children's outreach, and for our help with our lunch and learn programs. We are also actively seeking chapter leaders across the state of Florida, including in Tallahassee!

      • Energy Ball Fundraising Committee

      • Energy Ball Logistics Committee 

      • Energy Camp Committee

        • We’re kicking our Energy Ball and Energy Camps into high gear! We need people to help with both fundraising and logistics for Energy Ball, and with logistics and planning for Energy Camp – if you can help out, please let us know! Team members who put in 6+ volunteer hours receive free entry to the Ball!

      • Social Media Team Volunteer

        • Want to help and stay home? Become a part of our Social Media Team! We’ll send you items we’re focused on once per week. Your task will be to share, invite, retweet, or repost to help spread the word!

  • Outreach Events! 

    • Are you passionate about caring for the environment and serving your community? So are we! Join us in volunteering for one of our many events happening all around the state!

    • Outreach Event volunteer opportunities coming up in Tallahassee!

      • Kids Fest- May 5th

      • Faith Days

      • Frenchtown Farmers Market- April 28th

      • Herb Day- May 5th

    • Please contact, volunteers@rethinkenergyflorida.org to sign up!


  • We are in need of regular ongoing help – from administrative work to social media support, to working on a campaign or event committee, to tabling with our organization’s outreach team. In particular, we are now looking for volunteers and interns to help with our new chapters! If you can help with short or long term needs, reply to this email!
  • Interns Needed! - There are statewide opportunities to intern with ReThink! Our interns work approximately 10 hours a week, 6 of those hours being in the ReThink office and the remaining 4 hours spent working independently. Ideally, our interns work on our team for at least 2 consecutive semesters. We are actively searching for interns to fill the following roles: 
    • Outreach Coordinator

    • Volunteer Coordinator 

  • Volunteers Needed!

    • Energy Ball Fundraising

      • Even if you aren’t in Tallahassee, there are still ways you can help with fundraising for the Energy Ball! If you know people who might donate, run businesses or own vacation homes that they might donate stays at, please join the energy ball fundraising team!

      • We’ll keep you up-to-date even if you aren’t in town!

    • Social Media Team Volunteer

      • Want to help and stay home? Become a part of our Social Media Team! We’ll send you items we’re focused on once per week. Your task will be to share, invite, retweet, or repost to help spread the word!

Our Causes:

Climate Change and Sea Level Rise 

  • Check out our latest blog associated with our Featured Project: Sea Level Rise!

    • "A new report, Patterns and Projections of High Tide Flooding Along The U.S. Coastline by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) backs up what other scientists have found – that high-tide flooding will become more frequent, increasingly severe and sooner than we thought."

  • Every election year, ReThink Energy Florida is part of a larger group of Tallahassee based organizations that put on an event called the Big Bend Environmental Forum. This is a set of candidate forums – on in early August and one in October for the General election – where we question local candidates on environmental issues and policies.

    • For the first time, it looks like we have grant funding to spread this into other areas in the forum of Sea Level Rise specific forums – to learn what candidates from mayoral through US Congress would do to mitigate and address sea level rise.

  • Also, we now have our Energy Camp in a format that can allow it to be brought to other cities. Energy Camp is a one or two week summer day camp for children, approximately 8-12 years old, where they learn all sorts of things, via experiential activities, about energy and its interaction with the world around us.

For more information and to learn how you can get involved, please contact admin@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

  • Our hard-fought campaign to get our fracking ban through the Senate in 2018 culminated in a coalition-wide amendment strategy that REF pursued with it’s partners during the first week in March. Unfortunately--and after much discussion with our base and coalition partners--our allies in the Senate withdrew their initial “ban fracking amendment” as well as several others that would have improved a wastewater reclamation bill sponsored by Senator Keith Perry.

    • After a short break, REF leadership immediately began a more extensive power mapping process for Senator Rob Bradley, as well as debriefing and strategizing with partner organizations and elected officials about how to get the ban next year. We will be with you with more details soon, but in the meantime, we encourage you to reach out to your elected officials and either thank them (if they sponsored/voted for the bill) OR ask them to consider co-sponsoring the ban bill next year.

For more information, please contact Campaign Director Doug Miller at campaigns@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

Offshore Drilling

  • Executive Order 13795, issued in April of 2017, directed the Department of the Interior to develop a new “America-First Offshore Energy Strategy.” The implementation of this new order required the Obama era rules regulating offshore oil drilling, which were set to be in place until 2022, to be completely dismantled.

    • This move represents the largest expansion of offshore oil drilling in history.

  • Fortunately, ReThink Energy and the citizens of Florida wasted no time in challenging the development of these new plans. We celebrated Floridian’s and their inspiring journey to challenge the oil and gas industry in our March film screening of “Shore Stories.” The community also took advantage of a critical opportunity to provide public comment to the federal agency drawing up the new plans by submitting over 1.6 million comments in just 60 days! Finally, we supported our friends in Tampa by promoting The Constitution Revision Commission’s Proposal 91, our best chance to ban near-shore oil drilling by adding it as an amendment to our constitution.

    • If you love our Florida’s beaches and believe in a healthy future supported by renewable energy, please join our team at ReThink Energy Florida as we continue to share critical opportunities for action in the weeks and months to come.

For more information, please contact Jacob@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

Renewable Energy

  • Over the month of March, Rethink Energy Florida’s ReadyFor100 campaign has made great strides towards its goal. These strides have been primarily made in the coalition-building process to create a group of relevant and committed organizations.
    In Tallahassee, the Tally35 coalition met again with City, the County, and our partners to sharpen our positions on the definition of renewable energy, our strategy for a collective energy transition, and what the collective ask of the Tally35 should be. To further expedite this coalition process while remaining inclusive, the Research and Policy Department at ReThink, in the pursuit of the ReadyFor100 campaign, has dedicated much of its time over the last month to researching the Tallahassee/Leon County area, relevant policies and departments pertaining to renewable energy causes, and the process that other cities embarked on to achieve the goal of 100% renewable energy.

    • This research included thorough understanding and mapping of existing power relationships between City and County Commissioners and the area which has served as very relevant information regarding the ReadyFor100 campaign.
      In Tampa, Bay-area Political Advocacy Coordinator Maria Ranoni and Campaign Director Doug Miller met with Tim Heberlein, Organize Florida’s Regional Director for Tampa Bay, to discuss previous Ready for 100 organizing efforts. Afterwords, Ranoni drafted an outline of environmental justice issues in Tampa Bay as part of setting up Tampa Bay chapter. Maria and the Tampa Bay team intend to follow back Tim in April to further develop our Ready for 100 Tampa strategy.

For more information, email Campaign Director Doug Miller at campaigns@rethinkenergyflorida.org.

 ReThink's Regional Chapters:

  • ReThink Energy Florida is actively expanding across the state, and in doing so, we have established 'ReThink Energy Regional Facebook Groups'. These groups support local chapters and are great online communities for concerned Floridians who seek to help make a difference in your regional communities. In addition, we have our statewide Facebook page and our statewide Facebook Group for sharing statewide activities!

  • If you are a member of the following communities, we strongly encourage you to follow these links to join your ReThink Energy Regional Groups!

  • If you live in a region of Florida not listed above and would like to start a regional group for your area, respond to this email and let us know!

ReThink Energy Florida t-shirts are now available! A portion of the proceeds goes to ReThink Energy Florida! Order yours here!



Most of all, thank you for all of your continued support for our important mission! Since we are in the middle of the Florida legislative session and policy makers, right now, have the opportunity to make impactful change on the health of our environment, we must make our voices heard, hold our elected officials accountable, and support to our mission to ReThink Energy.

And as always, be sure to keep up with us on social media for more great events, news, and ways to get involved by following us on FacebookTwitterInstagramand Snapchat!