Amendment 9 Pledge

What is Amendment 9?
Amendment 9 is a proposed constitutional amendment to be put to voters in November that prevents oil drilling close to Florida’s beaches. The measure also prevents the use of electronic, vapor-generation devices in indoor workplaces.

It reads: “A proposed revision relating to environmental health; amending Section 7 of Article II of the State Constitution to prohibit the drilling for exploration or extraction of oil and natural gas in specified state waters; and amending Section of Article X of the State Constitution to establish a general prohibition on the use of vapor-generating electronic devices in enclosed indoor workplaces” Click here to read more on the Florida Constitution Revision Committee's website.

Should Those Who Vape Support Amendment 9?
In November 2002, seventy-one percent of Florida's citizens voted for a constitutional amendment to prohibit smoking in all enclosed indoor workplaces. This amendment simply adds electronic, vapor-generating devices to the 2002 amendment. Those who use electronic, vapor-generating devices will still be allowed to do so outside of indoor workplaces.


Pledge to Vote YES on Amendment 9!


  • 218,000 jobs and $36.6B in GDP are support by Florida’s tourism economy
  • Offshore oil drilling and oil spills are a public health hazard
  • 1,700 local, state, and federal officials oppose drilling expansion

As a citizen of Florida demanding my right to safe beaches and the economic protection of our states’ thriving, tourism-based economy, I pledge to vote YES on Amendment 9 in November and asking my friends and family to do the same.

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