Adult Outreach

Outreach is an crucial aspect of non-profit development and is an important part of ReThink's availability to connect with our community. As part of our outreach plan we strive to educate, engage, and empower a versatile range of groups and organizations. We also speak on a wide range of topics that align with our mission. The entire ReThink staff is involved with outreach on a daily basis and in addition, we schedule many presentations based on the needs of our fellow partners and contacts. 

Rethink Energy Florida provides the following workshops, with additional research and internship opportunities available. 


Solar Charger Workshop 

Turn an Altoids Tin into a charger for your phone! Great for hikers, campers, and those preparing for the zombie apocalypse! Costs around $35 per participant to cover expenses (Note: no Iphone 5's) – 2.5 hours


Fracking in Florida

A lecture on Hydraulic Fracturing, what it is, the risks involved, and where the oil and gas industry is looking to do it in Florida. - 1 hour


Addressing Climate Change Deniers 

Do Climate Change Deniers ever baffle you? Learn both the scientific and activist’s way to respond to public figures and everyday citizens from a panel of a scientist and an activist. - 1.5 hours


Solar Oven Workshop 

Let's face it, energy is expensive. Gas, electricity, whatever. So why pay to cook your food? We will be producing homemade parabolic solar ovens. If it is sunny, we'll get a short lesson in cooking with them too. 5 hours


Gender Justice and the Environment 

A lecture on Environmental Justice, Ecofeminism, and current issues in Climate Change and the environment. 1 or 2 hours


Economic Implications of Climate Change and Renewable Energy 

A lecture geared toward business-minded individuals on the real costs of climate change and economic factors involved in renewable energy. Learn why businesses should care about the Earth! - 1 hour


Introduction to Micro Power Systems 

Aboard the Solar-powered Ship of imagination, participants will receive a primer in the many types of solar collectors, charge controllers, inverters, and batteries available for off-grid systems Costs $30 per participant – 1 hour


Citizenship Lobbying: How to talk to you Legislators about Energy so your Legislators will Listen 

Want to make your voice heard in the Florida Legislature? This will be your step-by-step guide for how to get the best leverage out of your citizenship. - 1.5 hours


Transitioning your Community off Fossil Fuels 

Climate Change, the Economic Crisis, and the Peaking of cheap energy sources lead to the need for citizens, local businesses, and public policy makers to think about sustainability in new and creative ways. Learn about building resilience and community relationships in your locality. Learn about the steps to measure and address weaknesses in individual communities, while leading to a more fulfilling and stable community connection. - 1 or 2 hours


Effective Letter Writing Campaigns 

Letter writing campaigns are one of the more effective methods of grassroots advocacy and a tool in Rethink Energy's toolbox. Learn steps for conducting an effective campaign and put together a plan for your issue – 1.5 hours